Saturday, January 17, 2015

This is How We Manage Your Cute Diapercake

Hi. It has been a week after school session started. And I have been bz with tasks and classes.

Just a quick update on how we pack and post the diapercakes to you.

After we have done the creations, we will wrap them with cloth net so that the stuff won't take off or fall down.

I use greeting card or special dedication notes upon request. If not, just keep it secret.. ;)

Your cute diapercakes are still in good condition eventhough after we wrapped it. Hehe..

After that, we put into boxes and post it to you using Pos Laju or Pos Malaysia in case the box is too big. So that we can maximise your budget to the diapercake. 

Done packaging and it is ready to be posted. 

Satisfaction guarenteed. 

So place your order now.

For orders, just klick contact us at right top there. Or email us at

Good nite!

Friday, January 9, 2015

2 Tier Diapercake

Assalamualaikum. The last weekend we have before school!

Liza masih menerima tempahan diapercakes. Kalau dah mula kerja nanti, inilah aktiviti Liza di hujung minggu. Hehe.. kerja hakiki paling diutamakan.

Kali ni Liza buat diapercake 2 tingkat untuk seorang pelanggan ni.

Bagitau kami budget korang, dan Liza akan buat secomelnya. This time Liza guna premium big soft toy. 


Order daripada Liza and get discount 20% untill end of this January.

Untuk tempahan :
KLIK JE KAT 'Order Diapercakes Here' TU.


Just email

Place your order now and take care!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Diapercake untuk Adik Arriessa

Haish. Nama adik ni Ariessa lah. Nama idaman tuh. ;)

Kali ni Liza buat diapercake untuk kanak-kanak berumur setahun lebih. So, pasti ada pinky pinky sebagai warna tema.

Ini dia diapercake untuk adik Ariessa.

Set ni ada diapers, romper, long pant, wascloth, buku sticker, headband and decorations.

Untuk tempahan, order di

Atau melalui wechat @norlizayati.

Harga pasti berpatutan!!