Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our Students In Mighty Minds National Challenge

Yesterday we have sent four teams for Mighty Minds National Challenge which held at 1Mont Kiara. Kuala Lumpur. It started late due to roadblocks here and there but we luckily arrived earlier as we departed 7.30 am from the meeting point.

We sent two teams for Lower Secondary and the other two teams for Upper Secondary. It has four stages to be tested. The first round we went through very well as all four teams have been short listed to the top 15. Our Lower Secondary teams were on top 2! It was inspired our Upper Secondary teams to challenge their juniors soon.

Proof. Our team on top with full marks in MCQ quiz! But it was too early to be too happy.

At stage 2, only 15 teams qualified in hands on challenge to built a model based on the challenges given by the organiser. 

Our Upper Secondary, Team 1

Team 2 that always give such a great 'reaction'! :p

Lower Secondary, Team 1. One of the member almost fainted due to a cut. Be more careful, boy.

Lower Secondary, Team 2. They have done a very good job!

A few pictures around the challenge (Stage 2)

Alam Shah Boys were creating an interesting structure

Unique structure. They were one of the top 5.

Could Aiman convince the judges?

One of our team successfully done the challenge.

Only one team went to the final round. They were presenting the model.

Finally they made it!!

Congratulations boys!!!!

To know the full results, find it out in The Star newspaper today!