Saturday, August 7, 2010

Master of Ceremony

I learned from what they asked.. They asked me to become Master of Ceremony for one big event (big event for me) It was a school SpeechDay. To me, it was very appreciated for being MC, together with my otai (seniors) Pn Syhamala and Pn Airine..

It was started at 9.30 am and alhamdulillah ended earlier at 11.30 am. Me and Zainul Haris were amatur in this event. We were trained to become MC for any programmes in school. Means we might get more and more tasks as MC next time.

What I learned from this task are :
  • I need more cheerful expression. (Maybe I was nervous to see our TPM's wife as our VVIP guest)
  • I need more gorgeous dress for big event like this time (from what Pn Syhamala told me, I have to buy new blue batik dress for the next event. I don't have it now because I prefer another color for batik. So, I don't have blue batik in my collections..)
  • I must wear cork shoes! No high heel shoes..haha.. No compromies!!

Other than that was ok, good, nice voice and you are versatile! Who knows physics teacher can be MC. heks!

~Pujian Ada Makna~
From the table of MC


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