Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pen A Helps Student To Understand Electrgomagnetism Better

Yesterday I attended one talk on one innovation made by a teacher from Sabah. He inspired to do more and more innovation product after attended one award called Toray Award. After that he tried to do something that can help student. So, the best product from him is Pen A.

He teaches Sciences in Sabah.

A very simple product but useful to help student in understanding Fleming Right Hand Rule and Fleming Left Hand rule better. What i can say that he is so creative and innovative!

The symbole F, B and I on the pen is very useful instead of using right hand and left hand.

Hopefully that our field can develop more teachees like him. 


  1. hmm ciptaan yg bagus..nice..
    simple but big contribution..


  2. luar biasa... masya Allah kreatifnya

  3. Interesting liza..simple but effective


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