Friday, December 12, 2014

Pocoyo Themed Diapercakes For Majlis Akikah

Hi. I recently at my hometown to celebrate a few feasts in our family. I just did two diapercakes for majlis aqiqah.

Pocoyo has chosen as the theme and I was so happy to deco the diapercakes with lollypops on the candy table.

Tagging team with my SILs to do this candy corner.

Get these lovey apam polkadots from @kayangan_bakerz di Instagram. 

 Pocoyo diapercake consists of 21 diapers, baby theeter, pocoyo prop, ribbons and lollypops as decorations. 

 Pocoyo's friend Ely on diapercake. This diapercake consists of 21 diapers, ely prop, babygirl headband, ribbons and lollypops as decoration.

Do you want to order your own customized diapercake?

Just email me at
or wechat ID @norlizayati.

We enjoyed ourselves with kambing golek in the menu!!


  1. Sgt meriah.. warna y digunakan sweet2..
    Theme pom cute je

  2. Hehe.. warna utk baby kan cute2.

  3. Kretifnya liza. Tunggu ada baby baru bley order diaper cake ni kot ☺

  4. Fiza, boleh order as a gift jugak. Hehe..


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