Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They Asked For Some Projects!!!

Here are some projects to try :
PROJECT 1 : Paddle Boat which applies Newton's Third Law
(No volunter yet)

PROJECT 2 : Weird Creatures On Speaker Cone (but who is willing to donate the speaker coz it maybe spoil after used)
Amiruddin & friends already booked this experiment)

PROJECT 3: Magnetic Train (but where can I get the powerful magnet for u, boys?)
(Kaven & Friens booked)

PROJECT 4 : Physics Roller Coaster
(Azmil booked. We try on Monday k! Please stand by another experiment, in case tak jadi)

PROJECT 5 : Can be any interesting projects. As long as the exp related to the syllibus. Can be as simple as rainbow formation or the phenomenon of total internal reflection... Come on boys!!! We are running out of time.


  1. Hai cat!

    Magnet ordered, but still blur about the shape of the track... Should we do a straight track or curve? Will it float? jadi ker nanti? risaunya... Coming Thursday will be the day... :(

  2. re: boleh tapi nanti status nuffnang tak jadi glitterati kot
    jadi ordinary

  3. tq mama zharfan. Just for sharing my passion in teaching. :)


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