Friday, July 9, 2010

The day Before The Science Exhibition

My school held Science Exhibition on last Thursday. Let's check the preparation one day before the day.

Behind The Scene :

Azmil and friends were the person in charge in constructing a paper roller coaster. It was a tough job as they only have 2 days to finish up the task.

 Testing the dancing cornstarch. 
I bought a recycled speaker, quite big but finally broken due to the non-expert hands handling that...2 speaker spoiled. Uwaaa!! Luckily, Ammar brought his speaker. BIG one!
The Amazing Maize!! It's liquid that can be solid. They enjoyed 'playing' with the cornstarch. We used 4 packets of 400g cornflour to get one quarter of the basin.

Find out how they handle this activity on the Science Exhibition Day

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